As I was sorting through some old project photos it dawned on me that I never shared Tibbie’s 1st birthday party! And although this is really a milestone for us, the parents, who survived the last 12 months of sleepless nights (and in our case an extremely strong willed child with colic) we wanted to do something special for Tibbie to acknowledge the importance of his day. Since he was born last year on a Friday (the 13th at 13:13pm to be exact- you can’t make this up) we were fortunate to celebrate on his actual birthday, a Saturday, when most of his family could attend.

Currently his favorite book is “The Pout-Pout Fish” and for anyone who has small children this book is a must (now available on amazon for $5)! To say our son is obsessed is an understatement so naturally we piggy-backed off this theme.

The day was filled with a lot of laughter, curiosity and some tears after he had to be hosed down post smash cake, but all-and-all an amazing day! Thank you to all our family who joined us for the small event and a special thank you to Denise DiLuca for the jaw-dropping cake and Melissa Barrett for the photo’s we will cherish forever.



It’s hard to believe that Tibbie is close to wrapping up his first year at daycare and we are approaching the end of the academic school year! It’s been a long 1st year filled with incredible highs and also many challenging days-whoever said “the day’s are LONG, but the years are SHORT” couldn’t have been more accurate.

As this year comes to a close and dad will be home with the Tib-man over the summer I wanted to do something special for our daycare caretakers who have loved him like their own over the last year. As the wife and daughter of teachers (in my opinion the most under-appreciated profession) both my husband and mother have received very thoughtful gifts (subtle hint: you can’t go wrong with coffee or wine) at at the end-of-the-year. But, since we already gifted them wine over the holiday’s we decided to switch it up with a DIY, teacher inspired, succulent planter!

Our easy step-by-step guide (with printable tag) below!

Step 1: We never need an excuse to hit up Mahoney’s in Brighton (if you have never been your welcome and to your wallet I’m sorry). They have the most amazing selection of plants/planters and decor that would make any brown thumb (like myself) want to take up gardening. While we were there we picked up a few medium sized succulents and wood plant labels for our project!

Step 2: On our way home we swung by target to pick up these gems for $1 each.


Step 3: Made a cute tag in Photoshop. We personalized them from our son with each of his caretakers names then laminated and glued them to a wood plant label…VIOLA!

And to all the teachers out there you made it and THANK YOU!



If you are like me and vintage flea markets are your jam then you already know Brimfield kicks off its 2017 season next week! For those of you not familiar with the Brimfield Antique Show close your eyes and pictures a NEVER ENDING spread of vendors, tents and antiques-literally as far as the eye can see approximately 1,754,687 miles long. But, in all seriousness, vendors from all over the USA descend upon Brimfield, MA and set up shop for 3 weeks between May and September selling a vast array of vintage items- from rugs and furniture to art and accessories there is something for everyone!

We are fortunate that this market is only about an hours drive away because it provides us with the opportunity to source unique items for our clients and ourselves (much to my husbands dismay).

In anticipation for the show we created a check list for Brimfield first-timers before they head out this year:

GET THERE EARLY-  They were obviously referring to Brimfield when they said “the early bird gets the worm”. Traffic and parking is exponentially easier when you arrive before the crowds.

MAKE A PLAN-  Create a list of the items you are looking for. It will help you stay focused when everything feels overwhelming.

BRING CASH-  Set a budget and bring cash. Many vendors are fluid with their pricing and negotiating is exponentially easier with a cash offer.

PACK ESSENTIALS-  Although your not running The Boston Marathon don’t underestimate the need for water, sunscreen and snacks. We learned this the hard way during the incident of July 2015, learn from our mistakes…

OFF-PEAK HOURS-  If you can visit Tuesday-Thursday do it you will not regret it!

Maybe I’m being slightly dramatic about the intensity of this open-market, but going prepared will only help make your day that much more successful and enjoyable!



To piggy-back on yesterday’s post, I wanted to share my favorite go-to greige paints to achieve the look.

Selecting the perfect paint (greige or not) isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. Each spaces physical characteristics are unique and subsequently require more attention than just seeing a paint swatch online or in a store. If you want more help on how to pick the perfect paint for YOUR space checkout our previous post.



I recently came across this Elle Decor article and I immediately thought to myself- FINALLY my jam getting the recognition it deserves! Let me start by saying I love gray  (probably because without it I wouldn’t have a wardrobe), but despite my love for this color I have never really been able to incorporate it in my home.

My homes lack of gray has never been intentional, but largely stems the strong presence of natural textures and reclaimed wood-all of which have beige undertones. Therefore, I have relied strongly on incorporating a color pallet that I have referred to as “greige” aka gray-beige- think warm gray meets attractive (but, not dated) beige.

This earth tone is popping up everywhere and I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to incorporate this color in your own home.

1. Ceilings- I love the unexpected use of this greige paint on the ceiling of this Malibu Farmhouse.

photo | My Domain

2. Front Doors- The greige front door pops in contrast to this bright white Newport Heights home.

3. Trim- White isn’t your only option when painting trim, switching it up still gives the home a neutral feel while providing visual interest.

4. Kitchens- White is no longer the only neutral in kitchen design.

photo | DeVol Homes

And tomorrow on the blog I’ll be sharing my favorite greige paints!