As we gear up for our second design presentation in as many weeks we are sharing the inspiration behind the Thompson Street Porch Project.

For this project we were brought in to update an existing 3 season front porch. According to the project’s owners this space boasts the “best light in the house” and they want the ability to enjoy it year round. They wish to increase the spaces functionality and for it to feel comfortable and natural. In order to achieve this the space will be getting new windows, doors, drywall + ceiling finishes along with new furniture, lighting + decor.

The intention of the inspiration board is to evoke their overall desired feeling of the space and subsequently inform future decision making. As the project progresses this board will serve as a guideline for furniture, fixture + finish selection to ensure a cohesive design from start to finish.

What do you guys think? Is this a space you would like to spend time in year round?



As we gear up for our design presentation this week with client Melrose Mid Mod we wanted to share the inspiration behind the projects design.

Along with developing the preliminary drawings of the space, the inspiration board is the first step in a projects conceptual design. The intention of the board is to evoke the overall desired feeling of the space and subsequently inform future decision making. As the project progresses this inspiration board will serve as the guideline for furniture, fixture + finish selection to ensure a cohesive design from start to finish.

Client Melrose Mid Mod describes their style as: eclectic- a mix of the 1920’s, mid-century and some modern. They are partial to color (particularly navy) with texture + white accents.

Client Melrose Mid Mod thought we nailed their aesthetic and actually “swooned” (direct quote) when they  saw it-which is music to our ears! What do you guys think?



The competitive spring and summer housing market always beings an increase in client inquires. So as we start putting together our fall schedule we thought we’d compile a list of the most common questions we get asked by potential new clients.

Whether you are looking to hire Lenore Design or another design firm below are some of the most important questions to ask prior to hiring an Interior Designer for your next project:

Q:        What are your qualifications?

I hold a MS in Interior Architecture + Design from Drexel University. Additionally I am an ASID Professional Member, NCIDQ licensed (#30370), and LEED GA accredited. Beyond my 3 years of education I have 7 years of professional experience working in both Commercial and Residential design. Want more info? Check out more about us or browse our portfolio.

Q:        What is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

Both Interior Designers and Interior Decorators are highly valued professionals in the design industry. However, many individuals unknowingly and inaccurately use these terms synonymously. Since, this topic is one of the most widely discussed areas of the industry we delve into greater detail on the subject on our blog.

Q:         I have a renovation project, but I am not sure if I need an Interior Designer or Architect?

An Interior Designer has the skills and professional education to design and draft new space plans — including the ability to reconfiguring an existing interior space, develop lighting and electrical plans, select all interior finishes such as flooring, countertops, tile, paint colors, wall and window treatments, as well as specify plumbing, appliances, cabinetry and furnishings. However, if your project involves changing the structure of a space, for example moving load bearing walls or adding square footage, an architect and/or structural engineer will also need to be included in your project’s team.

Q:        Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

There are many reasons why hiring professional from the beginning of a project can end up saving you time, money and probably your sanity. Check out our recent blog post on the subject.

Q:        When should I hire an Interior Designer?

While a good designer can help you at any stage of the design, it is most advantageous for you to start working with an Interior Designer at the beginning of the project. As with any process, setting a good plan in place early is the best route to success. With this being said Lenore Design has the capability and experience to take your project from initial consultation, to concept, development, project management and installation – the final result being a seamlessly executed plan from start to finish with no detail overlooked.

Q:        Do you work with other trades?

Absolutely! The success of any project requires close communication + collaboration among all of the project team members, including engineers, architects, project managers and contractors. Our prior experience has allowed us to effectively work together with a variety of different trade professionals.

Q:        What services do you offer?

We are a full service Interior Architecture + Design firm founded on the philosophy that successful design is created through experience, open communication and close attention to detail. Our Full Design includes a variety of services ranging from furniture + finish procurement to space planning and construction. We believe every client is unique and as a result we tailor our services to meet all your project needs. For a detailed list of services rendered hop over to our services page.

Q:        What is the design process?

Although each client is unique our creative process serves as a guideline for how each project will proceed. You can read more about our process on our services page.

Q:        What is your design fee structure?

Lenore Design works on hourly basis for all full service design work. Design services may include space planning, furniture + finish selections, construction documentation and project management.

In addition to our design services we offer furniture, fixture + equipment (FF+E procurement). When a product is ordered through the designer (such as furniture, lighting, appliances + finishes) there is a great deal of time spent on producing purchase orders, ordering cuttings of fabrics or wall-coverings for approval and coordinating shipment and deliveries. As industry professionals we are eligible for to-the-trade pricing from many manufacturers which we happily pass on to our clients.

Q:        Do you accept clients outside of your area?

Yes! Although majority of our work is located in the Boston, MA and the surrounding area we offer an E-Design service for clients located outside the New England. In addition we are always willing (and eager) to travel for our Full Design Service clients!



As I was sorting through some old project photos it dawned on me that I never shared Tibbie’s 1st birthday party! And although this is really a milestone for us, the parents, who survived the last 12 months of sleepless nights (and in our case an extremely strong willed child with colic) we wanted to do something special for Tibbie to acknowledge the importance of his day. Since he was born last year on a Friday (the 13th at 13:13pm to be exact- you can’t make this up) we were fortunate to celebrate on his actual birthday, a Saturday, when most of his family could attend.

Currently his favorite book is “The Pout-Pout Fish” and for anyone who has small children this book is a must (now available on amazon for $5)! To say our son is obsessed is an understatement so naturally we piggy-backed off this theme.

The day was filled with a lot of laughter, curiosity and some tears after he had to be hosed down post smash cake, but all-and-all an amazing day! Thank you to all our family who joined us for the small event and a special thank you to Denise DiLuca for the jaw-dropping cake and Melissa Barrett for the photo’s we will cherish forever.



It’s hard to believe that Tibbie is close to wrapping up his first year at daycare and we are approaching the end of the academic school year! It’s been a long 1st year filled with incredible highs and also many challenging days-whoever said “the day’s are LONG, but the years are SHORT” couldn’t have been more accurate.

As this year comes to a close and dad will be home with the Tib-man over the summer I wanted to do something special for our daycare caretakers who have loved him like their own over the last year. As the wife and daughter of teachers (in my opinion the most under-appreciated profession) both my husband and mother have received very thoughtful gifts (subtle hint: you can’t go wrong with coffee or wine) at at the end-of-the-year. But, since we already gifted them wine over the holiday’s we decided to switch it up with a DIY, teacher inspired, succulent planter!

Our easy step-by-step guide (with printable tag) below!

Step 1: We never need an excuse to hit up Mahoney’s in Brighton (if you have never been your welcome and to your wallet I’m sorry). They have the most amazing selection of plants/planters and decor that would make any brown thumb (like myself) want to take up gardening. While we were there we picked up a few medium sized succulents and wood plant labels for our project!

Step 2: On our way home we swung by target to pick up these gems for $1 each.


Step 3: Made a cute tag in Photoshop. We personalized them from our son with each of his caretakers names then laminated and glued them to a wood plant label…VIOLA!

And to all the teachers out there you made it and THANK YOU!