If you know me personally you are probably well aware of my immense hate for Valentine’s Day-and no having a partner does not change my dislike for the commercialized holiday. Don’t get me wrong [and if my husband is reading this, hint…hint…] I’ll take your flowers and candy any other day of the year, but when it feels forced I’m just not that into it…

With that being said having a kid has ever so slightly changed me, and at least for now if my time and sanity allows I’m into doing something for each holiday. SO…as Valentine’s Day approaches, aka. its tomorrow for all you procrastinators, I wanted to do something small for my son’s teachers [who god bless them put up with his strong will, determination + non-stop energy daily] and also for his adorable classmates.

For his teachers we made these super simple, customized, candy jars. The jars are from our local Target’s dollar section and each one is filled with heart shaped, dove milk chocolate. They were customized for each of his teachers along with a note that said “It takes a big heart to shape little minds”.



[save your printable version below]

For his classmates I created these easy, non-candy, gifts. Each straw [also picked up at our local target similar here] has an attached card customized with the classmates name and the message “SIP, SIP horray its Valentine’s Day”.



[save your printable version below]

ENJOY And for those that celebrate HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!




Every year I set the same goals, eat better and use fewer paper towels, but this year I NEEDED more. Like most women I wear a lot of hats-wife, mother, daughter, friend and business owner. Most days I feel like I am drowning trying to DO IT ALL. In addition to trying to do it all, my biggest weakness is I expect overall perfection from myself- which of course is unobtainable.

In an effort to start a new year and a new me, I began by reflecting on all my daily roles. As a wife + mother I spend a significant amount of time making sure the house is clean + organized, bills are paid, laundry is done and meals are prepped. As a daughter + friend I overly commit to being a strong support for everyone around me and maintaining those relationships with frequent calls, texts, emails and plans. Finally as a business owner I am the coordinator that makes EVERYTHING happen to ensure happy and satisfied clients. The constant pressure do it all was exhausting and I left 2017 feeling burnt out and unhappy. SO in 2018 I am committing to one thing:


It will include:

  1. Being kind to myself. Continuing to remind myself I don’t need to do it all or be everything to everyone.
  2. Taking time to do what makes me happy NOT what I feel obligated to complete.
  3. Being present and grateful.

In addition we are taking our resolution a step further and creating a family “Gratitude Jar”. Once a week we will write down a positive experience or memory shared and add it to the jar to be opened on NYE 2018.

Cheers to a fresh start in 2018!



Next up on our BEFORE + AFTER reveal is our Kings Way guest bath reno. Before our work with #clientmostdeservingrounddos this space included a laminate vanity with matching beige toilet and tiles- all of which were original to the home. The only restriction we were given by the client was to make the space cohesive with the rest of the homes design.

This design freedom allowed us to deviated from the traditional white and marble bath to create an eclectic retreat. For the design we paired black cement tile flooring with a custom “greige” [for more on our favorite color check out our previous blog posts here and here] vanity, added pops of traditional with mid-modern and organic to create a unique yet cohesive space! What do you think?

Check out the BEFORE + AFTER pictures below-

[All photos by the talented Sarah Winchester Studios]





As we continue progress on our Kings Way full home gut we are sharing the newly completed living room design. To recap we have been working with #clientmostdeserving since she purchased the home in 2015 (and it goes without saying we love our repeat and long term clients)! Our previous work together included, a full kitchen and master bath renovation (see previous before & after here and here), 2 powder room remodels as well as new flooring and paint throughout!

Most recently we tackled the living room. With our new hardwood flooring + fresh paint in place from our previous renovation we modified the existing fireplace, added custom built-in’s and created a more cohesive layout with new furniture + finishes. The final result being a cozy and inviting space that perfectly blends the client’s transitional design aesthetic.

Check out the BEFORE + AFTER below-






As we gear up for our second design presentation in as many weeks we are sharing the inspiration behind the Thompson Street Porch Project.

For this project we were brought in to update an existing 3 season front porch. According to the project’s owners this space boasts the “best light in the house” and they want the ability to enjoy it year round. They wish to increase the spaces functionality and for it to feel comfortable and natural. In order to achieve this the space will be getting new windows, doors, drywall + ceiling finishes along with new furniture, lighting + decor.

The intention of the inspiration board is to evoke their overall desired feeling of the space and subsequently inform future decision making. As the project progresses this board will serve as a guideline for furniture, fixture + finish selection to ensure a cohesive design from start to finish.

What do you guys think? Is this a space you would like to spend time in year round?